27 June - 8 August 2014

All in install 3
All in install 2
All in install
PC Punctuation face
PC Key face
All in Dull Thud
All in Sausage
All in knob
All in Pump up the Volume
All in Groundlessness



ALL IN is a curated exhibition that seeks to explore the relationship between community and print process. The exhibition brings together a large variety of work by artists and collectives, both local and international. Work ranges in theme and perspective; attempting to show a varied survey of people working with ideas of community, collaboration and communication.

The print studio is a place where people of different skill levels, intentions and backgrounds are put together in the same space, different but all connected through artistic process. Printmaking at its core is a democratic medium, allowing for the creation of multiple copies, which in turn allows more people to own or experience an artwork.

Curated by Abigail Auld and Suzie Smith featuring work by As We Try & Sleep Press/ Intercopy Multiples, Dutch Elm Distro, Kimiwan, James N Hutchinson, PAC (Pinhole Artist Collective), Places for Peanuts, Poster Club, Sappho Zine Collective, trans.zine!, and 1234V

Related Event

Opening: June 27th, 5-8pm

Opening Reception will feature Mountain School Bookhouse by Shannon Gerard and table by local zine library Junto.

PANEL TALK July 3rd, 7pm w/Kegan McFadden, PAC (Pinhole Artist Collective), Places for Peanuts, Sarah Michaelson, Shannon Gerard and curators Abugail Auld and Suzie Smith

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